TOP video games on PlayStation 2

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God of Battle 2

After the top-level launching of God of Battle in 2005, the public made sure that the follow up would appear on the PS3 system. Absolutely nothing similar to this. Exactly two years later, when PS2 was virtually written off, God of War 2 appeared, which stunned every person with its range, storm activity and outstanding graphics. God of War 2 presented brand-new hero powers and also capacities: Kratos can now persuade on trap the spirit of Indiana Jones and rise in the air using the wings stolen from Icarus. However the major advantage of the video game, as in the case of God of War, was harsh battles with ancient Greek beasts, where blood moved like a river with screens, and the arm or legs of enemies spread in all directions with enviable uniformity.

Steel Equipment Strong 3: Snake Eater

Metal Equipment Solid 3: Serpent Eater was a special advance for the iconic PlayStation series. The follow up, which happened in the 60s of the last century (during the Cold War), introduced us to Strong Serpent’s papa named Nude Serpent (also known as Large Boss) and also moved the activity to the vast forest. Here we had to use camouflage, search on animals and also recover injuries in the field. Unique mention deserves wisely executed stealth, along with an incredible story, finishing in perhaps the very best battle with the one in charge. For all these factors, Snake Eater is considered among the best parts of MGS. Here you will find emulators are special tools that allow you to play ps2 games iso games on modern computers and smartphones.

Grand Burglary Vehicle: San Andreas

Vice City was better than GTA 3 in every means, and also Grand Burglary Vehicle: San Andreas raised the range of the previous video game by numerous times. Now at your solution was not just the city – you had to check out the whole state with cities, villages as well as wildlife. And you no longer played errand boy for mafia managers – you got made use of to the duty of Carl “CJ” Johnson, a full-fledged personality with a personality, backstory as well as the demand for food and exercise (whose body make-up altered depending on your actions). really outrageous: take, for instance, the theft of a jetpack from Area 51 at the demand of a dope dealer with CIA links. Absolutely nothing a lot more enthusiastic has actually been provided by GTA ever since; by the way, as any other game did not supply. It was the video game that many individuals got the PS2 console for, which is why it ended up in 3rd place on our listing.

Citizen Evil 4

Whenever Homeowner Wickedness 4 enters the following selection, the emphasis is definitely placed on the truth that the game has ended up being a fresh stream in the series, there is a lack of timeless zombies, a practical sight from behind the hero’s shoulder, and so on and so forth. Let’s get straight to the point: RE4 was simply plain enjoyable to play. Manual aiming (which used a laser reminder) made the firefights with upset peasants much more incredible than what we saw in previous Resident Evil 4. The characteristics also included melee strikes – currently we can fire an adversary in the knee and then roundhouse kick them, sending them flying. The video game had a considerable impact on the third-person shooter style as a whole, yet when we find out about it, we are not reminded of its importance to the industry: a string of brilliant minutes flashes prior to your eyes. Protection in a two-story home, where contaminated peasants strive to crawl with, skirmishes with regenerators, mazes inside a huge middle ages castle, and more. Besides, it is because of such memories that we play video games.

Shadow of the Colosus

In the beginning look, Shadow of the Giant shows up vacant. Players are merely tossed right into a huge globe in which there is not a single person. Dialogue is almost non-existent right here, as well as enemies, with the exception of 16 giants that you have to ruin. Nonetheless, the job received a great deal of numerous awards and is taken into consideration among the main masterpieces ever released on PS2. The secret of success depends on the deepness of the game. The story below is not served with countless cutscenes as well as conversations, however straight via the gameplay. Each of the colossi – it is a secret that requires to be fixed, part of a tragic tale that requires to be composed into the big picture on its own. Shadow of the Colossus shows that video games should not adhere to the regulations of various other types of media, and also uses an experience that is sure to be one-of-a-kind for every player.