How To Create The Perfect Essay

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If you’re choosing to study English or a related subject in Arts and Humanities at university it will require lots of writing essays. It’s a skill that is difficult to master because it requires creativity as well as logical planning, but if you practice these things each time you write an essay, you should be on the way to success:

1. Plan

It may seem time-consuming, but if you have a really good plan it can save you time making your essay, since you’ll know where the answer will go and not write yourself into the wrong direction. Don’t worry if you’re stuck initially – write down the thoughts you’re having and it’s likely that the rest will be following. I find it easier to create a mind map in which each new ‘bubble symbolizing one of my main paragraphs. After that, I create quotes that will aid in my analysis around the bubble.

In this case, for example, if I had to answer the question “To what extent is Curley’s wife seen as a woman in Of Mice and Men? This might prompt me to make the mind map in something like this:

It is possible to continue adding to this outline, separating bits out and linking the different bubbles if you notice connections between them.follow the link https://ventsmagazine.com/2022/09/02/6-best-ways-to-write-an-essay/ At our site Although you may not have the time for an elaborate outline during exams, it may be useful to sketch out a short one and include a few specific words, to ensure that you don’t become overwhelmed and fall off-topic in your essay. If you’re not a fan of the mind map style it is possible to find alternatives to choose from: it is possible to create a table and flowchart or simply the list of bullet points.

2. Maintain a clear structure

It is important to think about this when are planning. Your essay is just like an argument or speech. It must have a structure that is logical, by bringing all your ideas together to answer the question. Begin with the basics. it is suggested to pick a few major points which will be your main paragraphs. Three main paragraphs is a great quantity for an essay that you will need to pass as you’ll be working under pressure. Then, organize your thoughts in a sequence with Yes (agreement of the question) AND (another “YES” point) AND (disagreement or complicated) when you are in agreement to the general question, or YES-BUT – AND if you disagree. This makes sure that you’re always focused on your argument and stay away from the topic.

You could, for instance, create your Of Mice and Men sample question as follows:

“To what extent is Curley’s wife depicted as the character in Of Mice and Men?’

  • YES – descriptive descriptions of her physical appearance
  • As well as – the opinions of other people towards her
  • However, her status as the only female on the ranch gives her influence when she utilizes her femininity to her advantage

If you wanted to write a larger essay You could add additional paragraphs that fall under the ‘YES/AND’ category, for instance, discussing the ways in which Curley’s wife shares her vulnerability and fears, and also shares her desires with other characters; on the contrary, you could add more length to your essay by adding another paragraph titled ‘BUT’ regarding her cruel and manipulative streak.

Of obviously, this isn’t necessarily the best way to tackle this essay As long as you justify your ideas with evidence from the source text, you can consider any perspective that is reasonable.

3. Back up your points by using well-analyzed quotations

You wouldn’t write a scientific report without providing evidence to back your claims Why should it be any different when writing an essay? While you’re not required to substantiate every single statement you make using an example, there’s no harm in trying. Reading carefully the quotes can improve your understanding of the subject and will be sure to impress examiners.

When selecting the ideal quotations for your essay, look out for specific literary techniques. As an example, you could discuss Curley’s wife’s use of a rhetorical question when she says: ‘What is I doing? In this room, I’m speaking to a bunch of bindle stiffs”

The rhetorical question “An What am I doing?” signifies that Curley’s wife is quite insecure as she appears to be doubting her decisions in life. In addition, the fact she does not want anyone to answer her question highlights her loneliness.

Other literary techniques to look out for are:

  • Tricolon is a set of three words or phrases , which are positioned closely together to give emphasis
  • Tautology, a word that is used in different ways that refer to the same thing for example, ‘frightening’ and terrifying.
  • Parallelism is an ABAB structure. It often indicates movement from one concept to another
  • Chiasmus Chiasmus ABBA structure; draws attention to that phrase
  • Polysyndeton – many conjunctions in the same sentence
  • Asyndeton is the absence of conjunctions It can also speed up pace of an entire sentence
  • Polyptoton: using the same word in different forms to create emphasis, for example “done” and “doing”
  • Alliteration – repetition of identical sound. Different kinds of alliteration include assonance (similar vowel sounds) and plosive alliteration (‘b’ as well as ’d’, ‘p’ and noises) along with sibilance (‘s sounds)
  • Anaphora – repeated words; often used in order to emphasize one particular aspect.

Don’t fret if it’s difficult to find all these literary techniques in the work it’s analyzing – you’ll be able to talk about more obvious effects, like metaphor, simile and onomatopoeia. It’s okay if it’s difficult to remember the names in the long list – it’s important to clearly explain the significance of these literary techniques as well as their relevance to the question than to be able to use the correct terminology.

4. Be original and creative all the way through

Everyone could write an essay following the tips above, but the element that makes it ‘perfect’ is the unique way you approach it of the subject you’re addressing. If you’ve come across something interesting or novel in your research, point it out: if you find it intriguing you’re likely to find that the person reading your essay will , too.

Essay writing and creative writing are closer as you may think. take the idea that you’re writing a speech or argument in your head and you’ll be certain to attract your readers’ attention.

It’s essential to state your argument in the introduction. outlining your major points and the general direction your essay is likely to be taking, but you should remember to put something aside for the conclusion to complete the essay. Yes, you need to briefly summarize your main points but if you’re just repeating what you’ve said in your introduction, your essay will be useless.

Think of your final sentence as the culmination of your talk, the one that all of the other stuff has been leading towards, and not boring and boring at the final part of the entertaining stuff.

To get back to Of Mice and Men once again, here’s an illustration of the ideal distinction between an introduction and a conclusion:


From John S. Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, Curley’s wife appears as an ambiguous character. It is possible to view her as a cruel beautiful, seductive lover or a lonely woman who is the victim of her society’s attitude. Though she does seem to be the victim of a kind of sexual power, it’s obvious that her wife is largely being viewed as a victim. This conclusion is supported by Steinbeck’s description of her appearance, characters’ behavior, their dreams, and her evident unhappiness and loneliness.


Overall, it is clear that Curley’s spouse is a victim. She is depicted in this way throughout the story, from the descriptions of her appearance, her dreams as well as in the judgemental behavior of other characters, and her loneliness and fears. However, a person who was a victim, and nothing else would be a one-dimensional character which is what Curley’s spouse isn’t. While she is afflicted in a variety of ways She is also shown to assert herself through manipulation of her femininity – a small protest against the exploitation she feels.

Both of them refer to the original question, and summarize the main arguments of the essay However, the final paragraph introduces something brand new, which was built into the main body of the essay but complicates the simple summary which can be found at the beginning of the essay.